Hot Power Yoga and Forrest Yoga inspired classes are designed to deepen the breath, challenge the body and calm the mind. Well planned series of postures will synchronise breath with movement.

Hot Power yoga is a modern style of Vinyasa flow. The class is based on the Baron Baptiste method, yet it is more varied and playful. The room will be heated to 28 degrees for a safe warm up of deep muscles and to speed up detoxification.

Forrest yoga offer specific cues for body alignment and for muscle activation. This style addresses our 21st century problems such as tight neck and shoulder, and weak lower back. This practice will get you feeling really amazing in your body and connected to your breath.

Perfect balance between dynamic movements, physical postures, breathing exercises and relaxation will leave you feeling refreshed.

Hands on assisting will deepen the experience of each posture and encourage you to release the tension.
Suitable for complete beginners, yoga fans, and great for those recovering from injuries.