Nataliya offers a tailored approach to each individual and creates a warm and intimate space which feels nourishing. She has a good knowledge of the physiology of yoga  and can explain the physical benefits of the poses which is helpful. The sessions are a good blend of challenging, relaxing and fun, I would definitely recommend them.” by Ruth

“Nataliya is the first yoga teacher to inspire me to attend classes regularly and to believe that yoga is not just for the young. I noticed a real improvement in my mobility within just a few weeks and really enjoy the sense of well being during and after a class. Nataliya is very knowledgeable, encouraging and empathetic. She takes an active role in supporting her students and providing them with additional information when needed. I am very thankful that our paths have crossed. Thank you.” by Andrea

“If you are unsure if yoga is for you, I really think Nataliya will show you what’s to love and what you can gain from Yoga. In her classes I have found a weekly zen, a time for peace and a time for sweat, and I am pretty much guaranteed to be super blissed out by the end of each session! I really like her use of essential oils in her class too, the space always smells so good which adds another layer to the experience.” by Vanessa

“Nataliya’s classes are an awesome way to start off the weekend. She delivers the class in a clear and energising way. She has a natural intuition and her assist are always helpful. You will leave the class feeling relaxed, revitalised and ready to take on the day” by Ross

“Nataliya is one of my favourite yoga teachers, her warm and engaging personality and deepening knowledge of the practise shines through and encourages me to be really present in class. Her practise is a lovely combination of flow and challenging holds that I leave the class feeling in my body along with a calmer, more focused frame of  mind. Nataliya’s classes are always a great way to end the day or a perfect start to my weekend.” by Emma

“I started doing yoga around a year ago and, while I always enjoyed it, I would dip in and out often switching between teachers… that is until I found Nataliya’s class. I am amazed to see the progress I’ve made in such little time. Reaching poses I never thought possible, my stress levels are definitely reduced and I’m now feeling much, much stronger. I love Nataliya’s class because she not only creates a friendly, welcoming atmosphere but also tailors her tuition to each individual so I am still making progress week on week.” by Lucy